Trees We Sell

Fraser Fir

 Needles are usually 1/2 to one inch long, flattened and usually dark green on the upper surface with a lighter blue-green lower surface. With softer branches and needles, the Fraser fir is child and pet-friendly. The combination of form, needle retention, dark blue-green color and pleasant evergreen scent has led to Fraser fir being a very popular Christmas tree.   

Canaan Fir

  The Canaan is a relative newcomer to our Christmas tree farm but we honestly feel that this tree will soon replace the Fraser as a favorite. The needles are short, soft and rounded with a dark green topside and a silver accent underneath. You’ll detect a slight citrus scent and will appreciate its similar appearance to the Fraser fir with child and pet-friendly soft needles and branches and superb needle retention.

Blue Spruce

 This tree offers a striking blue-green appearance. Dense with sturdy branches and needles, blues are ideal for displaying your large or heavy ornaments. When adequately watered, your blue spruce will easily retain its needles for a month during the Christmas season.

White Spruce

 The white spruce remains the tree of choice for those people looking for a “fat” tree. With softer needles than a blue spruce, this tree offers its sturdy dense branches for the display of your heavy ornaments. We suggest cutting this tree after the 10th of December to ensure satisfactory needle retention throughout the holidays. As with all freshly cut trees, daily replenishment of water supply is essential.

White Pine

The white pine has soft, flexible needles and is bluish-green in color. Needles are 2½ - 5 in. long. White pines have good needle retention, but have little aroma. They cause less allergic reactions as compared to more fragrant trees. White pines are not recommended for heavy ornaments.

Concolor Fir

Also known as White Fir, this tree has soft, blue-green needles that are ½- 1 ½ inches long. The Concolor smells like oranges when you first bring it into the house. It has excellent needle retention.   

Discounted Trees

Certain trees around the farm have been flagged with an orange tag.  These slightly less-than-perfect trees are sold at a discounted price of $30.